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 Kanten with fiber

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PostSubject: Kanten with fiber   Tue Nov 27, 2007 6:57 pm

Kanten has a high fiber content. It has high insoluble fiber and soluble fiber which plays different health roles in our body. Japanese have been consuming this seaweed extract for many decades and they have been a major users on this seaweed extract product. FYI, Japan is importing about 2500 mt of kanten powder worldwide and there are many food industries that are using this product for filling, glazing and gelling. There are so much information that I like to get from those Japanese books. Unfortunately, I can't read Japanese and have some friends here that can help me to translate them.scratch Hopefully someone here can share some more information or best can help to translate some parts of those books that I have for collections and references in case someday I can have someone help me to translate those interesting pages and pictures I see in those books.study cheers
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Kanten with fiber
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