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 Healthy and Beauty with sea grass

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PostSubject: Healthy and Beauty with sea grass   Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:33 pm

Greetings from makassar Very Happy
hi... it's me mulie again, will give you information about healthy and beauty with sea grass
Healthy and Beauty with Sea grass

Indonesia as one of Asian’s countries and well known as countryr rich and fertilize of natural resources. As maritime country broadly region go out to sea more than 70 %, one of natural resources which we can exploit is resource involve. Many marine products which we can process. Besides fish, one of alternative to improve activity of seaweed farming.

Sea grass at biologically the including one of member of alga and have chlorophyll or nutrient of green leaf. Alga as planting in coastal area territorial water of shalow-deep, and patch at this dead rock have four big class, that is Rhodophyceae ( red alga), Phaeophyceae ( brown alga), Chlorophyceae ( green alga), and Cyanophyceae ( green blue alga ).

1. Raw materials of industries

As long as we are only known sea grass as just sea plant. Though grass this used many as raw materials of industries. for example brown alga for the raw material of ice-cream, processing of textile, pharmacy factory, shoe polish, and paint factory. Red alga for raw material of food industries, pharmacy, leather tanning, and making of beer.
Besides, sea grass can be used upon which for plant fertilizer and pet food mixture and crop. seagrass also used as raw material of cosmetic like as face cream, body lotion, and soap of sea grass

2. Medication of Cancer

Variety of seaweed in territorial arear of big enough Indonesia. Society coastal area exploit him as traditional drug and food. Not merely in Indonesia, but also society in Korea, China, Japan, Denmark, Scotland, and the others countries in the waterfront of him, also used seaweed as food traditional. Seaweed rich it’s true esensial nutrient, like enzyme, acid of nukleat, acid of amino, mineral, elements trace, and vitamin of A, B, C, D, E, and K. Enrich highness of sea grass that, don't surprise if sea grass can be improving hormonal system, limfatik, and nerve. Besides, this sea grass also able to improve function defence of body, improve repairing system work heart and blood circulation, and also digestive system. Sea grass recognized also as traditional drug to cough, asthma, bronkhitis, TUBERCULOSIS, wormy, stomachache, fever, rheumatism, is even trusted can improve sexual energy. Obstetrical of iodine of needed body to prevent mumps. In China sea grass also commonly use for the medication of cancer. possible Storey Level sea grass consumption height relate to the lowering of bosom cancer incident at Japan woman. Might be, this because chlorophyll of sea grass content having the character of anti-karsinogenik. Besides, vitamin C and him of which can fight against free radical, this crop is useful lengthen age and prevent of anti aging. All sea grass rich of high fibre content, and this fibre is known as preventative of large intestine cancer, because fibre as fluently digestion form like gelatine in small intestine, and improve rate irrigate in feses. Consuming fibre can assist fat metabolism so that degrade blood cholesterol rate, and also can degrade blood sugar rate. Grass go out to sea also assist medication of stomach tukak, chafe large intestine, hard defecate, and other digestive trouble. In this time many and salons of spa using grass go out to sea upon which gulp or masker treatment of face husk and body. Because, seaweed enrich tighten, damping, attenuating and making husk glow. Besides also give nutrisi for husk, protecting and eliminating poisonous. Even is also trusted can slim body broken fat cell. This grass also good to hair because can cure ketombe, baldness, and burnish hair.

3. Dish

There are many ways consume of sea grass. Sea grass usually trade in condition of cleanness and dried. This sea grass can be used to changing of vegetable by processed become materials for the soup of, piccalilli, or salad. Resident of Japan using many this sea grass of menu in everyday f like nori, wakame, and konbu. Even heard bizzare him, sea grass can is also mixed with tea as beverage for health drink. People of Vietnam who live in south and middle area, mixed with tea beverage of sea grass as usually for drinking. In the counties of Mediterrania, sea grass even is dish favorite at restaurant over there. In Bali, we also recognize eaten sea grass with coconut mink gravy and demerara. In the market selfservice we can meet sea grass which have been processed to become candy, what can be eaten as ices variation of mingle or fruit cocktail.

For this time so many foods of suplemen (food supplement) from sea grass. This crop especially good for materials making of jelly. Jelly powder which we recognize during the time hereinafter can be processed [by] lah become or pudding of jelly.

Seagrass that’s true many benefits. Let us consume sea grass !!!!!!

warm regards

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PostSubject: Re: Healthy and Beauty with sea grass   Sat Mar 29, 2008 8:03 pm

Hi Mulie! How is the circulation for the 1st Indonesian Seaweed Forum that will takn place in Makassar, the jewel city at the beach of eastern part of Indonesia? BTW, I think we shall use either algae or seaweed which is more popular instead of sea grass. Sea grass will be the common name if Indonesian for "pama' that grown mostly at the estuaries.
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PostSubject: Re: Healthy and Beauty with sea grass   Wed Apr 09, 2008 11:44 am

Hi, hello Mr Soerianto….Nice to read your massages at the kanten blogspot. Leaflet of the 1st Indonesia Seaweed Forum has finished and ready to distribute, we just wait instruction from Mr.Arman Arfah where to delivery the leaflet..

Yes, I ever think that and how if we use algae ????? coz algae exactly is a kind of agar – agar and so on…..study
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PostSubject: Re: Healthy and Beauty with sea grass   

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Healthy and Beauty with sea grass
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