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 Five Elimination Systems

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PostSubject: Five Elimination Systems   Sat Jan 12, 2008 12:17 pm

There are five elimination systems in our body that are skin, lungs, kidneys, liver, and bowels. All of these five elimination systems are doing their own works in cleaning up our body from those toxin build up. I am sure all of us here know each functions of those organs and what they do in our body.

Can you imagine if 1 or 2 of them is/are not working properly or "got sick" No When one/two of them is/are down, that will leave only four/three organs do all the cleaning and the burden to clean up our body is become more harder for those remain organs to do all the cleaning works regularly done by 5 organs. Most of us will usually put more time to recover the sick organ(s) and not giving equally and more attention on those remaining elimination organs. When this happen, this will cause the other elimination organs "got sick" too. That is why we see one health problem can lead one to another (like I said in my comment in the Testimonies section of Kanten World). One simple fact is, when someone donor one of the kidneys, you have heard that the donor will have so much limitation in many activities and diets, too. This is because of only one kidney left to do the cleaning what usually two kidneys do. Bowel movements are also very important and when you have frequent constipation, then you might not always in a good health.

I am glad I have learned a lot about these elimination organs in our body from our belated Dr. Bernard Jensen. He is a mentor for me to have a holistic health. I hope I can share more with you in the future.
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Five Elimination Systems
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