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 Membership Agreement & Community Guidelines!

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PostSubject: Membership Agreement & Community Guidelines!   Mon Sep 17, 2007 11:40 am

Welcome to Kanten World Forum



Kanten World Forum aim to be the biggest complete resource center for people, health professional
or organizations that are interested with Seaweed, Agar Agar Kanten, High Dietry Fiber / Healthy Foods,
Overcome Obesity / Diabetic problems.

Kanten World Forum offers our members their own private messaging mailbox, buddy list, saved messages,
live chat, photo gallery, blogs, arcades, message tracker and all the communication tools needed to stay
on top of the industry.

Kanten World Forum also provides optional subscription to our weekly newsletter that covers the latest,
news, trends, products, and business opportunities from our blog and worldwide network of reputable
qualified suppliers!

We invite all who are interested in these subjects from novice to master to join our community!
Kanten World Forum is committed to providing educational and open environment for our members.
In order to enhance and maintain a respectable level of discussion, we ask you to fill out a basic
member profile, and you commitment to endorse the following rules in order to maintain the integerity
of your membership and to ensure the continued stability of our prestigious community. Please abide by
the following guidelines when posting messages:

This community forum is created for users of all ages. The moderators of this forum will try hard to edit
or remove reprehensible messages as soon as possible. However, it is impossible for them to review all
the messages. You thus admit that all the messages posted on this forum express the sight and opinion of
their respective authors, and not those of the moderators or the Webmaster (except messages posted by
themselves) and consequently, they cannot be held responsible of the discussions.

This forum uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies will not contain any personal
information, they are only used to improve comfort while browsing. The address email is only used in order
to confirm the details of your registration as your password (and also to send you back your password if
you forget it).


- Do not post material that is libelous, obscene, abusive, or that otherwise violates any law or these

- Flaming – This will not be tolerated. While we try to allow people to voice their opinions, we do not
want to see posts that offend other forum members.
(flaming is a new computer (adj) description that refers to directing large volumes of abusive and
insulting > *email* at somebody , often as a part of a flaming war . (so this would not apply to postings)
so perhaps * defame * would apply here or defamation of ; or even "flaming posting.

- Pornographic Images-- Any photographic containing nude or semi nude images will be deleted. First offense
will BE a warning to the member; second offense will result in banning of that member.

- Foul Language - This will not be tolerated. Please show respect for yourself and the members of Kanten World

- Racism - Any racist or sexist remarks will be deleted and the member will be warned or banned. You will be
banned for life if you insult any member of Kanten World Forum.

- Threatening Private messages are also frowned upon.

- Usernames – Please do not sign up with an abusive username. Any abusive/bad language seen in usernames will
be looked upon harshly and will more then likely be deleted on sight.

- Do not post copyrighted material such as retail software, visual themes or other software that requires
permission before distribution. If you post informations who come from another site, look first if the site
in question doesn’t forbid it. Show the address of the site in question in order to respect the work of
their administrators !

- Visual Themes - If the author of a visual theme has given you permission to change and/or post his/her theme,
please send a copy of the email to
Kanten World Forum
administration at kanten.world@gmail.com. Please do not post the visual theme until you have been given the OK from the administration.

- Do not post your message repeatly. The repetitions are unpleasant and useless!

- Do not use SMS-style language (ex : r u sk8ing?)!, Please make an effort on grammar and spelling.

- Do not use the forum to advertise retail products or services that are not free or go against other forum rules.
Do not post links to competitive forums.

- Do not use the forum to solicate any business via posting or PM unless they are pre-approved by the adminstrator.

- Retail Products and Services - We support learning of new products but please do not give a sales pitch here.
Do NOT post links to referral sites here they will be removed.

- Hi-Jacking competitive or off topic reply on any created discussions will be warned.

- Competitive Forums -Do not post links to other forums. Any links to a competitive forum will be deleted.

- Do not spam the forums with useless posts.

- Offensive avatars will not be tolerated and membership will be suspended.

- Impersonation of a staff member will be immediately banned.

- Intentional distribution of erroneous advice or information that may cause harm to an individual or their property.

- Posts that are completely off topic in order to raise post count or generally irritate other forum users will be
removed. This also includes posting the same message in multiple forums.


Any message contravening the listing above will be edited or removed without additional notice nor justification
within deadlines which will depend on the availability of the moderators. Any abuse will involve the cancellation
of the registration. Internet is neither an anonymous space, nor a space of no-right! We reserve ourselves the
possibility of informing your access provider and/or the legal authorities of any malevolent behavior.
IP addresses of each poster is recorded in order to help us to make you respect these conditions.

By clicking on " I agree to these terms and world like to Register & Join the forum Now!!" below :
- You acknowledge to have fully read these current rules ;
- You commit yourself to respect unreservedly these current rules ;
- You grant the moderators of this forum the right to delete, move or edit any discussion subject at any moment.

I agree to these terms and would like to Register & Join the forum Now!!

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Membership Agreement & Community Guidelines!
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